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Hi! I'm Skye.

I have a lot of hobbies and I am certified proficient in website-have. I make videos for YouTube and sometimes I leave my house. I'm interested in filmmaking, programming, music, and theme parks.

Any opinions I hold are not representative of those of my employer, my family, my community, or myself the next time you ask me about it.

I have this bad habit of being autistic and having ADHD, and this can manifest itself as throwing my time into various unhelpful flights of fancy. In the past, this has included such feats as:

  • Spending multiple hours watching a complete training course on how the modern digital cinema projection pipeline works and how to ingest DCPs and build a show playlist (I do not and have never worked as a projectionist)
  • Writing a lengthy essay outlining how the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies are secretly horror films and the Pants are possessed, because it would be “funny”
  • Spending an entire week implementing the blueprint effect above you in CSS because using an iframe or a video background felt like ‘cheating’ despite the combination of the background position lock and the 10-degree tilt being absolutely impossible to reconcile and this continues to give me PTSD
  • Starting a YouTube channel

If you ever need to get in touch with, I can be reached via electronic mail here: