Factory of Chaos

eternal bloodshed binds them so / those above and those below

In the 90s, indoor play places were all the rage. But one attraction captured my imagination like no other - and in a very confusing journey into the past, we're going to learn all about it. And also I think a wizard's in here somewhere.

As a kid, I remember multiple family trips to New Hampshire - a three-to-four-hour drive that at my young age always felt like it took forever - to visit a pair of odd regional theme parks, Santa's Village and Story Land. I absolutely fell in love with the ball factory attraction there, and I distinctly remember the moment on my first trip to Universal in Orlando when I discovered it wasn't the only one that existed. I filed it away in my mind that it was an oddity worth looking into, and promptly forgot to do that for many years.

I am very happy with how this video unfolded - I was worried initially that my detour into the history of Voyage to the Moon would be too far a swerve, or that there wouldn't be enough of a compelling story thread to pull at through the video, but I think in the end it came out well and straddles the wackiness-to-interest line well. It's also one of those videos where I get to feel like the foremost expert on something deeply niche, which is a nice feeling :)