part two in my video-games-about-books series

It's Halloween, so let's talk about Christmas! Here's a quick little story about the way history begets history, in the form of a buggy Lion King game. We've even got a few seconds of Michael Eisner footage in here!

This was a fun little video to make. I wanted to challenge myself to put a video out in a week, and I can confirm that from sitting down to research the script to the video going live, it was exactly one week. I'm proud of that, even if I think I could have easily made this twice as long and covered some more details.

The real news here is that the story has a lot more ambiguity than I had first known - I decided midway into writing to dedicate some of the video to poking at that, once I started looking for information from the time and came up empty. I'm still not sure where the fact about Compaq bundling this game comes from if it's not true, but if it were true, there would have been ads for it in newspapers or magazines or something - hell, I'd have even settled for seeing the two of them advertised on the same page.

For those who might want to complain about my coverage of the computer industry through the 90s, consider that my five minute video may have omitted some unnecessary complexities in order to make the story easier to tell. Also, yes, I know I put Windows sounds on my Powerbook at the beginning, and yes, that was the joke. Hopefully my 1400cs will be just the first of my old hardware to cameo in my videos. It's still going strong, don't worry - the broken one at the end was a parts donor that was just disassembled, not smashed.