Into the Pepsiverse

10 likes and i make an arnell salad taste test video

Remember when Pepsi changed their logo in 2008? And then everyone made fun of that leaked PDF? Somehow the story is even crazier than you remember. Let's meet the man responsible! A tale of advertising, art history, and oranges awaits us. Drink up.

My first video for YouTube, and the first project posted on this website. There's a lot of room to improve, I feel, but I'm happy with how this came out. I ended up consuming far too much Pepsi for this project. There's a lot more to Peter Arnell that I wanted very badly to include in the video - like his snack line he introduced with Muhammad Ali, or his quote about flying to Asia to do the Pepsi logo, or the fire extinguisher he invented - but they just didn't make it in. I might do a followup article on my blog soon going over some of it (as well as talking about some additional proof I have of the Doc's legitimacy, for those still unconvinced.)

My first draft of this video was a lot less kind to Peter - at a certain point looking back at my script, I realized that a) I had strayed too far from the original purpose of the video (pointing out that the Doc is real by showcasing how on-brand it is for the man responsible) and had shifted into stirring up decade-old allegations of jackassery about a man who b) is rich and demonstrably litigious. I decided that getting sued was not a good play.

The music you hear throughout the video is, of course, a series of covers of the Pepsiman theme, that I mocked up in LMMS. If there's any interest, I can release the original files, but I assure you that they're not really worth the trouble.

The Newsweek article I cover in the video can be found here for those interested.

Update: I've gone back and written a blog post detailing some of the unused content! Check it out here.