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let's teach computers to read

Remember when Sony and Microsoft both randomly decided to try out motion controls in 2010 with absolutely no motivating factor? It got weirder. I guess you could say Sony wrote the book on strange peripherals. I'll show myself out.

Hey, I made a video about a video game thing that no one else seems to have covered! The more I looked into this, the more I was amazed by how little people seemed to remember it. I remember having a friend who had one when it was new, which stuck out in my mind, but perhaps my experience was less than typical. In any case, I think I managed to be the first person (that I could google, anyways) to do a proper retrospective on the Wonderbook.

Here's a tip for those in the audience: never make a video that relies on capturing footage from PS3 games. Emulation has come a long way, but it's not there yet for Move titles. Your capture card will not send audio to your computer because the PS3 will decide it doesn't feel like it. Manually sending the audio out on a different output will introduce a hum that you'll have to try to remove in post to only moderate success. Oh, and if you're anything like me, somehow your Dualshock, both Move and Navigation controllers, PS3 fan, and capture card will all at some point just stop working and you'll need to open them up to get them to function enough to shoot the damn video.

This is another one where I think I should go back and make a blog post for. I have hours of footage of me playing these games, plus some extra information and cut jokes that I couldn't find a place for in my video. Let me know if you're interested, person who reads these.

Bonus: pay attention to the music! I wrote all of the background tracks you hear in this video. In addition to a few basic ones, each Wonderbook title has its own theme, and the intro and outro are reprises of the same melody. I'm planning to do more of this going forward!